• Dark Hollow Imperial Stout Aged in Oak Bourbon Barrels

    Dark Hollow blends the miracle of two crafts—brewing and distillation—to create a work greater than the sum of its parts. Our imperial stout has been aged in charred American oak bourbon barrels, patiently breathing in and out of the wood, gaining complexity, depth and character.
    10% abv.

  • Isabel Chocolate Orange Bourbon Porter

    A sublime porter aged in bourbon barrels with cacao nibs from Ghana and Spanish orange peel. The deep chocolaty nose gives way to a surprisingly light porter. Pairs beautifully with grilled foods.
    6% abv.

  • Local Species Belgian-inspired, American-hopped, barrel-aged pale ale

    A hybrid beer unlike any other. Belgian fermentation, American hops, Virginia foothills deep-well water and Kentucky bourbon barrels. Bizarrely delicious.
    6.6% abv.

  • Mandolin Artisanal ale

    A French/Belgian-inspired ale of epic proportions. Deep blonde color, spicy nose, rich mouthfeel, and a kiss of French and American hop character.
    9% abv.

  • Steel Wheels E.S.B. Hybrid E.S.B.

    Brewed in cooperation with one of the most talented groups of musicians you're likely to hear. Our ESB turns the old classic on its head with American-grown English cultivar hops and a lively carbonation to release the herbal, peppery aroma.
    6.5% abv.

  • Über Pils Imperial Pilsener

    A beer whose simplicity of elements belies its complex spirit. Pilsener malt, noble Hallertau hops, lager yeast, and deep well water. By scaling up these simple ingredients we've turned the German pilsener "imperial" and made one of the world's most refreshing styles of beer bigger, rounder and even more enjoyable.
    7.6% abv.

  • Weizen Bavarian-style Wheat Beer

    The days when brewing a wheat beer seemed indulgent have passed, but true Weizen beer remains a luxury. A unique strain of yeast produces banana and clove flavors that meld with the crispness of wheat and the sweet flavors of barley malt that shine above the mellow Hallertau hops.
    5.4% abv.

Double-Thread Brewed, Barrel Aged, Bottle Fermented